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The Raven Altimeter
The Raven3 features faster data download, a higher-resolution pressure sensor, increased current capability to 30+ Amps on 2 of the outputs, and other improvements.

Raven3 Features:

Lots of high-quality recorded data:
  • 400 Hz axial accelerometer, +/- 70 Gs
  • 200 Hz lateral accelerometer, +/- 35 Gs
  • 250 G single-axis accelerometer available as an option
  • 20 Hz Baro data, +/- 0.3% accuracy!
  • 20 Hz voltage on each of 4 deployment outputs
  • 40 Hz output current
  • 20 Hz high-precision temperature sensor
  • 20 Hz for All flight events used for deployment logic.
  • Flight counter
  • All output program settings
  • Accelerometer calibrations used during the flight
  • Pad altitude ASL
  • 8 minutes of high-rate data+ 45 minutes for each flight.  The newest 5 flights are stored.  (New faster download!)

4 high-current, programmable outputs:

  • Two 30+ Amp outputs and two 9-Amp outputs compatible with batteries from a single Li-Poly cell to a 20V pack. 
  • Default output settings:
    • Mach-immune, accelerometer-based apogee deployment
    • Main deployment at 700 feet
    • Baro-based backup apogee deployment
    • Backup deployment 1.5 seconds after main deployment
  • Additional user-selectable output logic options can be selected in combination for each output:
    • Accel > user value 1 (ignition detection)
    • Accel < user value (burnout detection)
    • Filtered pressure increasing (baro apogee detection)
    • Filtered pressure decreasing (for staging)
    • Time > user value (simple timer)
    • Time < user value (vertical staging check)
    • Altitude < user value 1 (low altitude deploy)
    • Altitude > user value 2  (vertical staging check)
    • Altitude < user value 3 (landing detection) (New!)
    • Velocity < 0 mph (apogee detection)
    • Velocity < user value 1 (Mach inhibit)
    • Velocity > user value 2 (staging input)
    • Time delay after other conditions met (backup)
    See FIP page for programming screenshot
  • All of the above flight events are recorded at 20 Hz in the Flight Event Register, great for verification of the altimeter functions in test flights or simulated flights.
  • Screw terminal with 0.1" spacing
Only 1.80" long x 0.8" wide x 0.55" thick!

Simulated test flight:

A sophisticated built in test exercises all sensors and all outputs with a realistic simulated flight.  Verify that your ematches work with your battery, verify your flight program, and view all the recorded data from your "flight" without leaving your computer.
Compatible with the Featherweight Interface Program

The Raven has full functionality with either end up!

Visible and audible readout of individual channel continuity and battery voltage.

User-calibration of accelerometer

Image enlarged for clarity.   Actual size only 1.80" x 0.8" x 0.55."  Raven2 and Raven3 have identical dimensions.

$155.  Place your order at the Featherweight Altimeter Store

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