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The Parrot Altimeter, Version 2

The Parrot altimeter is sold out, and production has been suspended to allow me to focus on improving and producing the Raven altimeter.  Parrot production may be re-started in the future depending on customer requests.
Still one of the world's lightest altimeters (9.9 g w/battery), but now with 3 full-featured programmable outputs!

Records 5 flights with:
  • 200 Hz Accelerometer, your choice of
    • 250 G single-axis accelerometer
    • +/- 70 Gs axial, +/- 35 Gs lateral
  • 50 Hz Pressure data for barometric altitude
    • 0-30,000 feet, 2.5 foot res. at sea level
    • 0-100,000+ feet, 5 foot res. at sea level
  • 50 Hz Temp., continuity, and flight event register
  • 5 minutes of high-rate data per flight + 25 mins.

3 Programmable Outputs:

  • 4-Amp outputs compatible with or Li-Poly cell and 9V battery (not included)
  • Deployment charge continuity recorded in flight.
  • Built-in, isolated arming screw switch.
  • Default output program:
    • Mach-immune, accelerometer-based apogee deployment
    • Main deployment at 700 feet
    • 3rd output latches on after apogee deployment to continuously power a transmitter (great for minimum-space packaging without RF interference)
  • Additional user-selectable output logic options can be selected in combination for each output:
    • Accel < 0 Gs (burnout detection)
    • Filtered pressure increasing (baro apogee detection)
    • Time > user value (simple timer)
    • Time < user value (vertical staging check)
    • Pressure < user value 1
    • Pressure > user value 2 (vertical staging check)
    • Velocity < 200 mph
  • All of the above flight events are recorded at 50 Hz in the Flight Event Register, for test-like-you fly verification of the altimeter functions.
  • Screw terminal with 0.1" spacing
New GUI-based interface program for downloading and graphing flight data, programming your Parrot, and more!
By popular request:  The Parrot has full functionality with either end up.
USB interface also charges the included battery
Beeper and 4 LEDs
Open-source C-code firmware

More photos in photo gallery

The Parrot is sold out.  Depending on customer demand, I may produce another batch of Parrots after I get caught up with Raven orders.  Thank you.

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