Altimeters LLC
More performance.  More affordable.


Only 1.8" long, the 4-output, next-generation Raven has all the features (and then some) you would expect from the most powerful flight computers on the market, but compared to its closest competition, it's less than half the size and significantly less expensive.   You can fly it right out of the box using the default redundant dual-deployment settings for the outputs, or use the easy-to-use Featherweight Interface Program to set up any staging or airstart events you can dream up.
Sparrow Altimeter
Not yet available.  A small, simple but very accurate dual-deployment altimeter.
Parrot Altimeter

The original Featherweight altimeter, now in its second major version, the Parrot is designed for altitude record attempts in rockets from 18mm on up.  A Built-in battery and an arm screw switch make it perfect for small, high-performance rockets.  High resolution accelerometer and barometric data collection provides the ultimate in aero drag  measurement. Available in 70G and 250G accelerometer options.
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