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About Us
Featherweight Altimeters LLC is a small business dedicated to providing the world's best altimeters designed for model rocketry.

Its founder is Adrian Adamson.  When not spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, designing altimeters, flying rockets, Adrian can be found at his regular job, attempting to bring a degree of efficiency to the design of NASA's Orion spacecraft.  Adrian is a mechanical engineer by education, but started playing with accelerometers in the winter of 2006 to teach himself about electronic design.  By the summer of 2007, he created the Parrot altimeter to collect lots of interesting data from little rockets.  Although the first Parrot was a recording-only device, other versions followed, including an apogee-deploy version which was the first production model in September 2007, and the 3-output, Parrot Version 2 that started shipping in June of 2008.  The Raven altimeter was released in late 2009 and over 1000 have been sold.  In the meantime, Adrian has exceeded Tripoli altitude records in F, G, I, and J single-motor classes, and set an official Tripoli H-impulse altitude record (14,818 feet).  He continues to push the envelope with high-performance multi-stage rockets, including the L class flight pictured at left, from BALLS 2009.  His interest in high performance rocketry has been a key motivator that has driven the Featherweight altimeter designs to be smaller, more accurate, provide more data, and be compatible with smaller batteries.
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